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Vandal Shields® offers an exclusive line of bullet-resistant, vandal-proof polycarbonate shields designed to protect outdoor lighting fixtures from the abuses of vandalism.

Lighting is essential to our safety. It can also be the first line of defense when it comes to deterring crime and identifying potential risks. In some communities, however, lighting has also become a vulnerable target for vandalism. Whether committed by young teens throwing rocks or shooting BBs to pass time or dangerous criminals seeking the cover of darkness, vandalism can incur a large cost to us all. What happens though when the price we pay is our safety?

For well over a decade, utilities and municipalities have been turning to Vandal Shields® to help eliminate the problem of vandalism for good. With patented "Torsion Flex" technology, our shields are proven to withstand the impacts of rocks, sticks, bats, BBs & pellets (air rifles), and even up to 44-caliber bullets!

When the lights stay on, you're safer from harm!

Vandal Shields Flat Lens and Floodlight Shields Flat Lens Sheild Installation
Custom Floodlight Shield in Norm Schmidt Park - Apple Valley, CA
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  Energy Efficient Lighting Series   ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING SERIES

These shields are custom-sized to match the design features of new LED and Induction Lighting Fixtures. As each new fixture is released, we are taking the time to retrofit a shield that will best serve your needs for vandalism protection.


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  Flat with Side Protection Series   FLAT w/ SIDE PROTECTION SERIES

Side Protection Shields are designed for low-wattage, small can cobraheads. The bottom has dual layers of polycarbonate protection, with a single layer that is molded to wrap around the sides of the fixture.


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  Floodlight Series   FLOODLIGHT SERIES

Shields that are custom-sized to match the specification of each floodlight fixture. We look at the type of fixtures you are using, the wattage, the dimensions, the mounting mechanism, and other features in order to design a shield that will install easily and securely.


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News and Events   NEWS/EVENTS

Keep up with Vandal Shields® in the media and on the road. View our recent press, including news articles and video. Follow us on the road to upcoming trade shows and events. At Vandal Shields®, we are frequently attending market related events. Don't be left behind.


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Customers of Vandal Shields   OUR CUSTOMERS

As the originators and patent-holders of the only ballistics-tested lighting protection available today, Aero Thermic Shields and Vandal Shields® have worked with a number of different entities across the country to combat the issue of lighting vandalism.


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