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Vandal Shields - Frequently Asked Questions

Vandal Shields® has provided the below frequently asked questions as a convenience to you. If you have additional questions that were not answered here, or need additional information regarding our products, please feel free to contact us and someone will help you with your needs.

  Q.  Are Vandal Shields® products covered by a warranty?  


All Vandal Shields® are covered by a Limited Warranty. For details regarding this warranty coverage, please CLICK HERE or Contact Vandal Shields® for additional information.

  Q.  What is "Torsion Flex" technology?  


Torsion Flex Technology helps to protect fixture lenses from not only the object attempting to break the lens, but the force associated with that bullet or projectile. A torsion adjustment bolt helps to create a "flex" in the shield, once installed on the fixture. This "flex" is what allows the shield to absorb the energy from the bullet or projectile, which in turn minimizes the actual impact of the object to the fixture. The rubber grommets on the hook and cable assembly allow for the expansion and contraction of the energy absorption.

Torsion Flex Technology allows the shield to withstand the force of rocks, bats, BBs, pellets, and even 9mm bullets! In fact, in cases where small arms ammunition is used, the vandal shield will not only absorb the bullet’s energy, but it will also absorb the bullet!

  Q.  Will the polycarbonate sheets turn yellow and/or deteriorate over time?  


If weather conditions are normal* and the correct shield is installed on the appropriate fixture, with the wattage known at the time of the order, yellowing should not be a factor. The polycarbonate sheets contain a UV Stabilizer, coated on both faces, to prevent yellowing. We have had shields hanging in the field now for over 13 years and have never had a shield be returned due to yellowing or deteriorating.

*Not all products are recommended in some climates. Please contact Vandal Shields® for details.

  Q.  Will the mounting hardware or brackets develop rust and/or corrosion?  


No. The mounting brackets are made of steel, which has been galvanized to resist corrosion. The hook and cable assembly is made of stainless steel.

  Q.  How do Vandal Shields® products effect the intensity of the light?  


With the polycarbonate sheeting material that we use, there is no splintering or distortion of the shield. This allows for greater light transmission than if it were an acrylic material.

Additionally, when a bullet or projectile hits the shield it does not crack like other materials. The polycarbonate sheeting material will actually capture & absorb the bullet or projectile, preventing cracks that would otherwise interfere with light distribution.

  Q.  Are Vandal Shields® products weather resistant?  


Weather is certainly a factor that will affect the shields, and we have tried to predict what each shield might endure in various environments when we design the shields.

Rain/Snow: Each of our molded shields comes equipped with a drain hole so that rain and melted snow will not collect on the shield. The flat shields also allow for run-off of moisture. All metal brackets that used to assemble and install the shield are galvanized and stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion.

Wind: The shields have been tested to meet EPA wind-loading standards for the poles they are installed on. While we cannot test every pole and know the exact configuration of the lighting system our customers have, we have made every effort to design a lightweight shield that almost always falls under the pole manufacturer’s stated capabilities. In fact, some of our shields even survived Hurricane Katrina and various hurricanes in southern Florida so we are confident they will stay secure in high winds.

Sun: All of the polycarbonate materials we use are UV-stabilized to resist the effects of the sun. The shields will not yellow from the sun; however we have seen that the top-most layer of the shield that surrounds the fixture will sometimes develop a yellowish tint from pollen in the air that has settled on the surface.

Other Environment Factors: Some environmental conditions are specific to a certain climate. For example, in the southern states like Georgia and Alabama, they have a big issue with bugs. Bugs there are large and numerous. The bugs tend to crawl inside the shield and enjoy the heat emitting from the light, so much so that they die and are left to pile up inside the shield. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of molded shields like the drop lens or flat with side protection shields because they prevent the bugs from escaping and cause the need for recurrent maintenance to clean out the bugs. In these situations, we recommend that the customer changes the fixture to a Flat Lens Cobrahead equipped with a flat lens shield. The wind will act as a natural cleaning agent for these shields and bugs will not be able to collect. Plus, for the price of the molded shield, the customer can likely buy the new fixture and flat shield at the same cost.

  Q.  How can I clean a shield if it gets dirty?  


We recommend that shields are cleaned annually or bi-annually to keep them looking new and to obtain maximum light distribution. Shields can be cleaned using standard glass cleaner like Windex® or 409. For heavier cleaning, use a solution for restoring headlights on cars. This can usually be found at an auto parts store in your local area. Feel free to contact us too! We are constantly testing new products that may restore the original clarity of the shields. Sometimes we come across some unique products that work really well.

  Q.  Is it possible for birds to nest in the shields?  


Though it is not common, we have heard from a customer that had a problem with a bird nesting between the shield and the fixture lens. On most fixtures, the air gap is only about 1 inch, 2 inches at the most. While many birds are too large to nest in such a small and hot area, an occasional nest may appear.

  Q.  What benefits can customers expect to gain with Vandal Shields® products?  


Vandal Shields® Outdoor Lighting Protection Accessories offer the customer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety and security on walkways, roadways, parking lots and in the workplace.
  • Reduced liability exposure.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Stimulated retail sales (safer parking areas and well lit buildings).
  • Improved image.
  • Beautified outdoors space.
  • Improved profitability.

Reduce potential for vehicle-pedestrian accidents, vehicle-vehicle accidents, auto break-ins and thefts, vandalism and assaults. In retail sales, enhanced appearance and image of improved safety and security can lead to more traffic and profitable sales.

Effective illumination makes things more visible, thus reducing the likelihood of problems, some of which lead to nuisance suits, higher insurance rates, bad publicity, etc. Adding effective lighting not only provides safety and security, but also enhances the attractiveness of the community.

Improved safety is often the result of better lighting, especially in parking areas. Improved safety can enhance image, increase user satisfaction, and also reduce insurance premiums. Better lighting can reduce parking lot crime and thus permit reduction in security patrols and related personnel costs, as well as allow for more parking spaces.

  Q.  How can I place an order, or get a quote, for Vandal Shields® products?  


To request information, catalogs, or a quote visit the Contact Us section of our website. You can either call us toll free at (800) 698-2402, or simply fill out and submit the web-form located on the Contact Us page.

  Q.  How long does it take to produce a shield, if a customer places an order?  


Flat shields can usually be manufactured and ready to ship in 1-3 weeks, depending on backlog. Any products that require vacuum forming usually take 2-4 weeks. We often execute production runs in lots of 30 or more. Therefore, sometimes an order can be filled quickly if we already have the shields in stock.

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