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Flat Lens Series


Series 0046-FL

For Cobrahead fixtures with flat or sag lenses.

Roadway Flat Lens Series
  Roadway Flat Lens Series Roadway Flat Lens Series
  Standard Features & Benefits
  • Patented "Torsion Flex" technology allows shield to absorb energy from the impacts of objects such as bullets from small arms (22 to 44 caliber), rocks, pellets, small projectiles, etc.
  • Dual layers of 1/2" and 3/8" polycarbonate protective glazing sheets shaped to fit most standard cutoff and sag lens cobraheads.
  • Steel mounting brackets and hardware (including round pole bracket - standard size 2 3/8"), galvanized to resist corrosion and wear and tear.
  • Stainless steel hook and cable assembly that hooks to the lens cover to allow the shield to be quickly unhooked and dropped out of the way for easy fixture access during routine maintenance. Shield design allows for simple, one-bolt installation to minimize labor output for regular maintenance.
  • Superior ballistic containment properties with excellent impact absorption.
  • Long term protection designed to resist yellowing, burning, or weather corrosion.
  Fixture Compatability

The Flat Lens Series (series 0046-FL) is available for the following fixtures:


0046-FL-200 Models

0046-FL-400 Models


Don't see your fixture? No Problem! Vandal Shields® can create Custom Shields to match your lighting fixtures.

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